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❝ I'm just your average, twenty one year old, time travelling, deamon hunter. Nothing abnormal here. ❞

[Independent SuperWho(kindaLock) rp blog. Please read the about page. I mean, it's really long but it's helpful..
If you're a canon DW rper, my character won't know you. She knows about the blue box, but thats it. The only person she actually knows is River and she's not all that buddy buddy with her...
If you want to rp, come ask. I don't bite and I will love you forever and ever C: ]

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¬ i think it’s pretty obvious that i’ve given up with Penny
¬ which upsets me greatly 
¬ i don’t want to be all like ‘look, i’m amazing’
¬ but when people look at Penny they just see another DoctorxRiver OC and i get that
¬ i did the same when i rped Eleven 
¬ but there is so much more to her
¬ and it pains me to have to let her go
¬ because the DW rp tag is just full of other kid OCs and Claras
¬ both of which Penny doesn’t like 
¬ and no one out of the DW fandom will rp with the OCs anyways so.. 

¬ i’ll keep the page up simply because it was my first rp blog
¬ but i’m sorry to say goodbye to you all 
¬ it was a pretty great journey c: 

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¬ i’m just going to go and cry about how the DW rp fandom is practically dead.

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Don't look at anything else on the channel; it's from when I was tiny and no. 
Terrible things. 
But this took us forever. And even though it's not perfect, I'm so done with it. 
So if you could just listen, that'd be great.

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things got hella busy
and i promise i'll do replies soon
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"Oh! But I was just looking for a drinking buddy… And you seemed to be the only one in this bar without some company!"

'Maybe the reason I am the only one sat alone is because I wanted to be alone.

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i don’t see what everyone has against fanfics with OC’s in it
i really like fanfics with OCs in them
i think it brings something new to the story and i find it really great learning about a new character
i don’t see why people would have a problem with that 

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❝You welcome.


❝And they are not supposed to work on you.

❝Then what are said tricks supposed to achieve?

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"Am I?"

'Yup. Move.' 

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